25.06.2017 Second fundraising for RestartU project

  We are pleased to inform our sponsors, guest and friends about a great achievement and international success of the fund-raising which was held on  22nd of June, 2016 with a gala-evening at the Residence of the Ambassador H.E. Dr. E.Brix under his wife Mrs. Elizabeth Brix patronage. By virtue as our united strength – charitable contribution from gala-evening with entry tickets, Lottery, charity Auction – with Slava Gayun’ donation painting, charitable contribution of Italian district 2072, charitable contribution of Italian Rotary clubs - "RC Bologna" и "RC Cortona" and charitable contribution of Russian district 2220 we managed to organize a Global Grant with the Rotary Foundation Global and gained a record amount of total contribution to our Restartproject – $53000.

  We would like to express our great thanks to Mr. Leonardo de Angelis – past President of RCMI, currently based in Ravenna (Italy) – for bringing us an opportunity to present our Restartproject at  annually Multi Club workshop, on 2016 at St.-Petersburg.** Thanks to his initiative we are able to attract an international interest and funds for Restartproject from different Rotary clubs, this time - from Italy.

  We are happy to announce that 15 children (12-14 years old) from different regions of Russia have got 17 different “tailor made” medical equipment ,like invalid chairs «Panther», walkers, lifters.

Dear Sponsors, Friends, Rotarians,
Thank you very much for your trust, open hearts and great contribution to our Restartproject with high level of social responsibility!


** You can find more information about Multi Club workshop here: